Samantha Seeley

Food Photography Resources


  • Workbooks to help you master styling, composition, & photo editing.
  • Checklists that help you feel like you’re on the right track.  
  • Guides to get you started with planning and navigating your workflow.
  • Exclusive access to all the tools Sam uses to get things done!

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What’s Locked Inside, Anyway?

If you unlock by creating an account, you’ll get access to the following:

  • The Food Photo Planning Guide: This guide is geared to help you effortlessly plan out your shots
  • Define Your Photographic Style: A jam-packed workbook that helps you define your photographic style
  • Resturant Photography Checklist: A detailed checklist that covers all you need for photographing food and drinks at resturants
  • The Food Photography Workflow Guide: This guide helps you go through the workflow needed for photography seamlessly during each shoot. You’ll never forget a step again!
  • The Food Photo Self Assessment: A short quiz geared towards helping you understand where you’re at in your food photography journey. By the end you’ll have a clear understanding on what to focus on first.

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