Samantha Seeley

Hi, I'm Sam

I'm a food photographer and educator.

I teach food bloggers & photographers how-to level up their food photography skills.

I’m a (mostly) self-taught photographer, but I have since earned my bachelors degree in multimedia production and my graduate degree in teaching & learning with emerging technologies.

Which is just a fancy way of saying, “I know how to take food photos, and I can teach you how to do it, too!”


My mission is to make food photography feel effortless & to help you feel confident in your work so you can take your food photos from lackluster to exceptional! 💯

This website didn’t always aim to educate. Before the transition, this site was Sweet Remedy, a baking blog that strived to provide epic dessert recipes to the Internet.

I started teaching digital photography to college kids by accident. It was because of that real-life teaching experience that I decided to pivot from food blogger to educator.

Basically, I want to share with you everything that I’ve learned since 2009 when I started to create content for the web! You'll find blog posts about food photography, free resources, and 1:1 food photography mentorships.

And if you’re here for a recipe, that’s cool too. I still have some of those. Only the best ones!


I'm excited too! There are a few paths you can follow next. Choose your own adventure below! 

No matter what you do, let's party on Instagram. 🎉