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Video Tutorial: How to Add Watermarks to Photos in Lightroom


I’m going to show you how to create a watermark in Lightroom. You ready? Let’s do this thang! (Scroll down for the video, you guys!)

But first, let’s talk about the why…

Why are watermarks super important?

1. It lets viewers/readers know where the content came from. It will help people seek you, your photos and your products out.

2. Show the whole wide world that you are super serious about whatever you are doing on the Internet.

3. It helps to prevent image and content theft… most of the time.

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Lightroom Video Tutorial: Get Organized Using Collections

Lightroom Video Tutorial: Get Organized Using Collections

Lightroom is not only a powerful photo editing tool, it also has the power to keep you organized! If you are like me, that’s an impressive feat as my desktop is completely cluttered with documents, folders and lots of photos. Collections make it easy to find the photos I need in a pinch.

The video above quickly shows how to create a collection and how to use them as an organizational tool.

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Lightroom Video: Create a Lightroom Catalog and Other Tips

The video above shows how to quickly create a Lightroom catalog. When you first start up Lightroom after purchasing it, it will prompt you to create a catalog because you can’t really use the software without doing this step. Below are a few frequently asked questions about Lightroom Catalogs.

What is a Lightroom Catalog?

A Lightroom catalog is where information about your photos and about how they were edited is stored. Your actual photos are not stored in the catalog; it is solely reserved for metadata. The actual photos remain on your hard drive, untouched. You get to specify where you would like your catalog stored. If you don’t tell Lightroom where to put the catalog, the default is your Pictures folder.

Lightroom is a very non-destructive editing program since none of the changes you make are recorded on the actual photos and are just stored in your catalog. If you navigate to the photo on your hard drive, you won’t see the edits done in Lightroom until you export them. This is helpful if you ever need to go back to a photograph and do something different. You won’t have to undo your previous work and can start anew.


Lightroom Tutorial -

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